Scotland: the painful divorce?

David Cameron said yesterday: “It is my duty to be clear about the likely consequences of a Yes vote. Independence would not be a trial separation. It would be a painful divorce.”

In his analogy, Scotland is one side of a partnership; the rest of the UK makes up the other side. A Yes vote for independence would amount to Scotland walking away from the relationship, divorcing the rest of the UK in a permanent separation.

Yet the divorce analogy is also directly applicable to the ongoing campaign. Yes and No closely resemble a divorcing couple, with Scotland caught in the middle of a messy series of arguments.

scotland on the fence

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BBC Question Time review 10/07/2014

This was the last BBC Question Time before the autumn, and as such took the form of a Scottish referendum special from Inverness. The panel was free of politicians, comprised of singer-songwriter Ricky Ross, Daily Record columnist and agony aunt Joan Burnie, businessman and chairman of engineering group Orion Alan Savage, and the former Scotland and British Lions rugby player Scott Hastings.

My first thought was that surely the BBC could scare up a politician from each of the main Scottish parties to debate the issue, but there will be plenty of that in the weeks to come. On reflection, I decided it would be interesting to hear from the mixed panel, and at least they would be free of the stick-to-the-party-line pre-show briefing that the politicians have to go through.

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