2015 review: from apathy to liberal identity

When I started this blog in 2014, it was because I was feeling apathetic about UK politics but didn’t want to disengage from it completely. Writing about politics was my way of ensuring I would continue to pay attention to news and current affairs, so that I’d at least go out to the polling station on an election day of uninspiring choices.

In May 2015, the party manifesto and national agenda that appealed to me most was that of the Liberal Democrats, but the local candidate who appealed to me most was from the Greens and my constituency was in a Labour-Conservative marginal. With one vote, it was impossible for me to express who I wanted to be Prime Minister, who I wanted to be my local MP and which party’s manifesto I would like to see become law.

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The uncomfortable truth of the refugee crisis

I got thinking today about why so many people – including friends, family and public figures who normally have my respect – have bought into the narrative that refugees need to be relabelled as ‘migrants’, scrutinised, suspected, categorised according to age and gender, dismissed as frauds for owning smartphones … anything, really, apart from helped.

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The UKIP implosion

The 2015 general election may well have been the last hurrah of the United Kingdom Independence Party, at least if the behaviour of their most senior figures is anything to go by.

First we have the un-resignation of Nigel Farage. He had long pledged that if his bid to become MP of South Thanet was unsuccessful, he would step down as party leader. In fact, what he did was write a letter of resignation to the National Executive Committee. They rejected his resignation, and Farage went from planning his summer fishing trip to announcing he had been ‘persuaded’ to resume the role of party leader.Read More »

What would I change?

In a previous post, I asked what you would change about the political system and what you would put in place, in an ideal world, starting from scratch. These questions weren’t rhetorical, but if I expect my readers to consider them seriously, it’s only fair that I attempt to answer them myself!

The initial choice in any political system is between:

1) a monarchy, where an individual rules by birthright


2) a dictatorship, where an individual rules as the self-appointed head of stateRead More »