The Labour leadership contest

As promised, it’s time for a look at the contest to become next leader of the Labour party: the process, the candidates, and what’s at stake in terms of the future of the party.

The process

The potential leadership candidates each had to gather the support of 35 Labour MPs in order to get listed on the ballot paper. At this early stage of the process, Chuka Umunna put his hat into the ring and then pulled it back out again, feeling uncomfortable with the increased levels of media pressure and realising the loss of privacy would only worsen over time. Mary Creagh withdrew her candidacy a week before the deadline, with media reports suggesting she was only likely to win the support of 10 MPs.Read More »

Lib Dem leadership hustings: Tim Farron and Norman Lamb

While the four contenders for leadership of the Labour Party duked it out in a TV debate last night, I was in Logan Hall, University College London, listening to Tim Farron and Norman Lamb, the two men vying to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats. This was a leadership hustings rather than a debate: the Q&A section was a polite answering in turn, expertly chaired by party president Sarah Brinton.

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