The Lib Dem manifesto

The Liberal Democrats broke their pledge on tuition fees in 2010, but they have made much of the fact that they implemented the pledges made on the front cover of their manifesto. The 2015 manifesto also carries key pledges on its cover, so it’s worth considering that if the Lib Dems again find themselves going into coalition, these are the things they’d fight most strongly for:Read More »


The Conservative manifesto

The front cover of the Conservative manifesto carries the slogan ‘Strong leadership. A clear economic plan. A brighter, more secure future.’ This is followed by a fairly detailed contents page, the headings of which I’ll follow in my summary:

Conservative manifesto contents page

Foreword by David CameronRead More »

The Labour manifesto

On the front cover of Labour’s 2015 manifesto, in large red type, is their opening message to voters: ‘Britain only succeeds when working people succeed.’ Ed Miliband has laid the groundwork by using this same phrase in local speeches, national speeches and televised debates. Does the small print of the Labour manifesto reflect this headline, and what exactly can we expect if Labour form the next government?

My summary will follow the topics as listed in the contents page:

Labour manifesto contents page

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