About Political Hyndsight

Political education in the UK is decidedly patchy. There are many voters who do not necessarily know what the UK political structure is, how the EU works,  who is representing them at what level, and where the main parties stand on key issues. Politicians generally spend more time scoring points off each other than spending time engaging with voters; the media spends more time on stirring than scrutiny.

Political Hyndsight tries to bridge the gap. There are posts covering key issues such as the structure of the UK political system and the EU; there are posts scrutinising media coverage of key events such as the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence; and there are regular BBC Question Time reviews.

As this is a hobby rather than a job, I am not able to spend as much time as I would ideally like, but I am always eager to hear feedback from readers. Do get in touch if you have a suggestion for a post, or think there is something I am paying too much or too little attention to. I can be contacted on Twitter @carolinehynds.


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