Brighton & Hove Hustings (31st March 2015)

A detailed and useful report of housing hustings in Brighton & Hove on 31st March.

The Acumen Donor


The City of Brighton & Hove consists of three parliamentary constituencies: Brighton Pavillion; Hove & Portslade; and Brighton Kemptown, though the last of these also includes large areas of countryside outside the city boundaries. In 2010 all three were marginal seats:  Brighton Pavillion a three-way marginal between the Conservatives, Labour and the Greens (electing the UK’s first Green MP) while the other two seats were more conventional Conservative-Labour marginals (electing two Conservative MPs). The Liberal Democrats gained a respectable vote share in all seats but were not in serious contention to win any of them, gaining a lower percentage of the vote than their national average In all three.

As in 2010 all three seats  are expected to be marginal in 2015, so there has been a lot of election-related activity going on across the city, including many hustings. I attended one of these on the 31st of…

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